When I was 21, I started my career in digital marketing, reading all those successes stories online of all those travel bloggers or niche bloggers making money just by traveling the world and posting pictures, income reports made me want to start my own blog as well.

The first step to starting your career as a blogger and build your own website is buying a good domain name and wordpress hosting service. I had no clue which host to choose. I choose the cheapest one (a bad decision) and started my career. Turns out, the downtime was very high, and the website crashed as soon as I got decent traffic. It was the worst time for me.

When I changed my hosting, my search engine rankings increased, google started loving me and bounce rate decreased. My website was faster than it ever was. Then I realized the importance of good wordpress hosting. Back in 2013 we had limited options to choose from. Now in 2017, there are more wordpress hosting companies than ever.

Getting confused is very normal as the internet is flooded with an infinite number of wordpress hosting companies. Fortunately, you don’t have to be confused when choosing a good wordpress hosting provider.

Over all these years, I have worked with numerous digital marketing clients and tried all kinds of hosting. The most important thing that differentiates a good host from a bad one is how it meets the website’s requirements. I have seen many people buying one dollar wordpress hosting and then expecting premium level of support and uptime.

If you pay peanuts, you get MONKEYS

…..how you can decide whether the wordpress hosting provider is best for you or not?

Here is how!

How to choose the best wordpress hosting provider for your website?

The first thing I would say before choosing a web host for your WordPress website is knowing what are the needs and requirements of your website. Here are some questions you need to ask before choosing a web host

What is the purpose of your website?

If the purpose of your WordPress website is to make money then I would strongly suggest that you don’t opt for free hosting as they are really bad and won’t give you full control over your website. If you are just a hobby blogger or don’t care if your website makes money or not, then you should definitely go for free hosting or one dollar hosting companies.

Some examples of hobby blogging websites are:

    • The family website where you post pictures of the family
    • The website made for your personal friend’s photo and videos
    • Your website on which you hardly spent much time

If your WordPress website comes under any of those categories, a free host or one dollar hosting which will cost you 10-20$ a year should be good enough

Free WordPress Hosting Companies

The free web host companies usually put advertisements on your WordPress website to cover the cost of hosting. Here are some web hosting companies who provide web hosting and are ad free

1. Hostzinger
2. 000webhost
3. FreeHosting
4. Webfreehosting
5. Awardspace (My personal recommendation)

Ok, Now that we got this out of the way, we can talk about the real deal. If you are in to make a WordPress website for the purpose of making money then read below.

Paid hosting provides great support and up-time. You should always choose paid hosting if you want to make money online or even own a business website. Paid wordpress hosting provides better control and support.

How much traffic are you estimating?

A web hosting company usually charges on the basis of how many people visit your website. If your website is into the viral and entertainment niche and you expect a huge number of visitors, then I would strongly recommend you go for an expensive but reliable wordpress hosting solution. But if you are just a local business and expect only handful (may be less than 10k) visitors on your website then a cheap wordpress hosting solution will be enough.

Factors to consider while choosing a wordpress hosting

The most important one would be

  1. Uptime and performance
  2. Support
  3. Pricing and features

1. Up-time and performance

Up-time and performance is the first and foremost factor you should check before choosing a wordpress hosting. A good site speed can speed up your WordPress website drastically. Site speed is one of the major ranking factor for Google. So now you do realize the importance of good site speed?

Although every hosting company makes huge promises about high site speed and uptime, it may not be true, in every case.

How to find out if the wordpress hosting company is making false claims?

Easy, just Google the term for ” Name-of-the-hosting-company + reviews”. You are going to find thousands and thousands of reviews pop up on Google.

You can have a look; you will have a good idea about your desired wordpress hosting company.

Although 100% a up-time is almost impossible for any hosting company. Anything above 99.5% up-time guarantee is more than good enough.

(For beginners, Up-time is when your website is up and running and accessible to your visitors)

2. Support

Have you ever faced issues with your Wi-Fi? You called the support and they said they’ll be at your place tomorrow. But they show up a week later with some silly excuse?

Do you remember the frustration?

It’s the same with hosting except it’s ten times worse.

For example, for some reason, your website is down and you contact support they take a long time to respond. If you are making money from your website or you business is dependent on it, unlike wi-fi, this will cost you loss of money. That’s why always choose a host with the phenomenal response time.
This is not necessary but try to choose a wordpress host which offers various channel for support. For example, many hosting companies provide live website chat support, phone support and email support as well.

How do you find if the support is good or not?

If the hosting company provide live website chat you can see how fast they respond. Generally, it’s not fair because every hosting company has its customers on priority rather than visitors. But you can get a general idea about the response time.

Simple, just do what I wrote earlier and check out reviews of the hosting company and see if there are any complaints against their support. Don’t be turned off by few complaints. A few minor complaints in a sea of positive reviews should show that hosting has good support.

3. Pricing and additional features

Web hosting features differs from package to package. The cheapest reliable hosting solution would be shared hosting and the most expensive one would be a dedicated server hosting (in which you are given full control of the server).

If you are just starting out I would suggest you go for shared hosting as it doesn’t require any technical knowledge as compared to dedicated server hosting.

Often times hosting companies give many additional features to stand out from their competitors. Watch for those additional features and promos which can come very handy:

Some of the common hosting features are as follows:

1. Free SSL (Security Socket Layer) Certificate (one of the google ranking factor)
2. Free Domain (Often given by companies who take annual payments)
3. Free migration from the previous web host
4. Google adwords credits
5. One-click WordPress install
6. WordPress is set up by their staff.
7. Coupons

Now that you know have a general understanding of a good wordpress host, you can go further a check out my top ten web hosting companies that offer the best WordPress hosting. One important thing is to consider that no web hosting company is absolutely perfect. Each web hosting company has its pros and cons.

(My recommendations are based on up-time, support, overall satisfaction and my personal experience)

1. Bluehost

There is no way that you have not heard about Bluehost while looking for a wordpress hosting company. Bluehost has a popular name in the hosting industry. The main reason that you hear about Bluehost is that they are officially recommended by WordPress. One thing that makes Bluehost stand out from its competitors is how they run an enormous knowledge base for their customers. It’s obvious that they spent a lot of money on creating content which ranks very high on Google for very competitive keywords. They even go one step further and have their own Youtube channel to deliver video tutorials and information videos.


  • Windows and Linux hosting
  • One click WordPress install
  • 99.99% up-time
  • Free Domain name on annual plans
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Free Website Builder


1. Affordable Pricing (Shared hosting starts as low as 199 Rs. a month)
2. 24/7 Technical support
3. Free domain
4. Unlimited Bandwidth
5. One click WordPress install


1. No Free SSL Certificate
2. Migration can be costly
3. Mixed reviews (Positive and negative) from their customers.


Overall Bluehost wordpress hosting is good for beginners. Their shared hosting plans are one of the cheapest in the industry. Bluehost has easy to use control panel and requires no technical knowledge.

My rating: 3.5/5

2. Siteground WordPress Hosting

Siteground has one of the best reputations and my personal favorite. They are managed by a dedicated and sincere team. They are easily one of the best web and wordpress hosting companies. They are known for best up-time and support. Siteground was founded in 2004 and it has been growing ever since. Siteground employs over 400 people.

They specialize in hosting almost all types of content management system like WordPress and Joomla. They brand themselves as “Web hosting crafted with care”. They are also officially recommended by WordPress.

They offer amazing features such as Free Domain and Free SSL certificate and much more. They also offer multiple channels for support. They have five major data centers all around the globe Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan and Singapore. They offer daily backup which is a great feature if your own personal backup options fail for some reason.


    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Free Domain
    • Great site speed and reliability
    • Free website Builder
    • 24/7 support
    • 99.99% uptime
    • Free migration from your old host


1. Incredible amount of positive reviews
2. Great knowledge base
3. Three medium of support: Chat, Email and Call
4. 30-day money back guarantee


1. Slightly expensive as compared to competitors


Siteground is one of the best wordpress hosting company. I have all my sites hosted on siteground. Without any hesitation, you can go ahead and book it. I would recommend to go for starter plan if you have less than 10,000 visitors.

My rating: 4.5/5

3. InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion hosting is another well-known and reputable brands in the hosting industry. They are one of the largest independent hosting companies. InMotion provide reliable servers and great up-time. They have one of the best support in the industry.

They offer many channels or support such as live chat, email, phone call and ticket system. All of the support channels they offer are highly responsive. If you are not satisfied with their service they offer a 90-day money back guarantee which is the longest in the hosting industry.


  • Free Drag and drop website builder
  • Google Adwords credits
  • Free Backups
  • Multiple channels of support (Live chat, email, phone call and ticket system)
  • 24×7 support system


1. A wide range of hosting solution for all types of website requirements
2. Free Backups
3. Secure and reliable
4. 99.97% uptime
5. 90-day money back guarantee (Highest in the industry).
6. Data Center Options
7. WordPress pre-installed (If you choose to while signing up).
8. Free website migration
9. Advertising Credits (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
10. Free website builder called BoldGrid.


1. Slightly Expensive
2. They do not offer a monthly contract. You can only pay yearly(Although they do give a 90-day money back guaranteed so there is almost no risk involved)
3. Mixed reviews by customers
4. Their website builder Boldgrid is not very impressive

InMotion will always be one of my top choices for choosing a web host. Their support is exceptional and can often be seen answering questions in the community. All in all, you should definitely give it a try.

My rating: 4/5

4. HostGator

HostGator is one of the big name in the industry. HostGator was found in 2002 by Brent Oxley. They have won numerous awards in all these years. Apart from hosting, you can also buy a domain from HostGator.

HostGator offers a huge variety of hosting solutions for all kinds of websites. What differentiates hostgator from other its competitors is that they are a clean energy powered company. As of 2013, they have registered over 9 million domain and 400,000 customers. In 2012, they were acquired by Endurance National Group, the same company who owns Bluehost, Big Rock, Ipage etc.)


  • Multiple channels of support (Email, Chat, Phone)
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 99.99% up-time
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Green hosting


1. Green Hosting
2. Affordable Pricing
3. Free website migration (Which can cost anywhere from 50-150$ on other hosting)
4. Above average reviews

In HostGator plans(Except Hatchling) you get unlimited hosting, domain, Bandwidth. Emails and Disk space.


1. Slow website speed


HostGator has been around for a long time and is very stable and reliable company.

My rating: 3.5/5

5. Godaddy hosting

GoDaddy is the largest domain company (You have bought your domain from GoDaddy as well didn’t you? I did too!). GoDaddy has served over 17 million customers and employs over 6000 people worldwide. GoDaddy has a clean and user friendly interface. GoDaddy was founded in 1997. They are still a leading worldwide company in the domain industry.


  • Website builder
  • 71 million domains under management
  • Award winning support
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Cheap hosting price


1. Cheap Pricing. You can host your website for a year under 2500 rs
2. Issues resolved under 24 hours. Guaranteed
3. Absolutely zero technical knowledge required. Great for beginners.
4. Free domain (only if you choose an Annual plan).


1. Bad up-time
2. Paid SSL Certificate
3. Slow and unreliable servers
4. Not that good support
5. Lot of negative reviews for hosting


Godaddy should be your choice, only when your main purpose of the site is to not make money. Also if price plays a major role in deciding a host then GoDaddy offer one of the cheapest hosting around. If you don’t mind spending some bucks then Bluehost and other host are much better option.

My Rating: 3/5

6. Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap first started out as a domain registration company in the year 2000. Over the period of time, they realized the demand of hosting solutions needed in the market and started offering hosting services in 2007.

Just like Godaddy, they are one of the most reputed domain companies in the industry. They manage over 7 million domains and over 3 million customers. Namecheap offers a huge variety of hosting solutions for all website needs. They have two data center which is in US and UK. They also have their own mobile application where you can buy domains and manage your accounts. The application is available on both Android and IOS platform.


  • 24/7/365 support
  • Multiple channels of support: Live chat, email
  • Mobile application
  • Secure and reliable server

1. Easy to use and Clean UI
2. Android and IOS app to manage accounts
3. Quick Response Time
4. Very cheap pricing (As the name suggests)
5. Can host 3 websites lowest price option


1.Paid SSL Certificate
2. Mixed reviews for hosting
3. Only 14-day money back guarantee (Industry standard is 30 days)

Overall Namecheap is the much better host that Godaddy. It’s a good option if you have multiple sites running and you are on a very low budget (starting as low as 637 Rs a year). They have much better support and knowledge base than Godaddy. You can give it a try see for yourself.

My rating: 3.5/5

7. Bigrock

BigRock has provided a wide range of hosting services. They are considered the best web hosting providers in India. They offer services such as Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Re-seller hosting WordPress hosting (Specialized in WordPress website), Dedicated servers.

Bigrock is one of the leading hosts in the industry. Big Rock also provides an option to book your domain. You can get a .com domain for as low as 99 Rs. They are definitely the cheapest one in the industry. Although, I wouldn’t recommend the starter plan if you are making a website for the purpose of making money. The starter plan is good value for money but has very limited resources.


  • Extremely cheap pricing
  • 24/7 Support
  • Pros

    1. Leading Domain Registrar
    2. Money back Guarantee
    3. Good knowledge base
    4. Very user-friendly
    5. No technical knowledge required
    6. Value for money


    1. Average reviews
    2. Slow server and up-time


    Bigrock Hosting is neither bad nor good they are a just ok company. They don’ have exceptionally good features. If you want the cheapest possible hosting then BigRock does iswell. They offer good value for their price.

    My rating: 3.5/5

    8. Ipage

    Ipage is another company owned by EIG group (Endurance International Group). Ipage is Domain Registration and hosting company. They offer one of the cheapest hosting rates in the hosting industry. All of their hosting plans offer free domain name. They offer an unlimited number of the email address at your own domain name.


    • Unlimited everything (Disk space, Bandwidth, Domains and MySQL database)
    • Access to online marketing guides
    • 24/7 support


    1. Google and Bing advertising credits (Total 200$)
    2. 30-day money back guarantee
    3. Drag and Drop mobile optimized site builder
    4. An unlimited number of emails on your domain name


    1. They do not have a C-panel which can be intimidating for beginners
    2. Average server performance
    3. Relatively high downtime as compared to other hosts


    Ipage is not good for beginners. Their inability to have a C-panel can be troublesome to some people especially beginners. From pricing perspective, Ipage offer a good value for their hosting plans. They provide abundant advertising credits.

    My rating: 3/5

    9. Ehost web hosting

    Ehost has a bit relatively unknown web host as compared to the other companies in the market. Although they are not that popular they do provide some great features. This is another hosting company which is owned by EIG (Endurance International Group).


    • Free Domain name
    • Unlimited domains allowed
    • Free cloud storage account (1 GB)
    • Good support
    • Pros

      1. Multiple channels of support: Chat, call, and email
      2. 30-day money back guarantee
      3. Unlimited everything: Domain, hosting and email
      4. Very well maintained and updated knowledge base


      1. Relatively slow server and performance
      2. Mixed reviews from customers


      Overall another great option for a web host. Go for it if you are not happy with the above hosting companies.

      My rating: 3.5/5

      10. Dreamhost web hosting

      Dreamhost is a Los Angeles based hosting provider and domain name registrar. Dreamhost was founded in 1996. They host over 1.5 million websites(Crazy!). They are a privately owned company. They guarantee 100% up-time but which may or may not be true for obvious reasons.

      Dreamhost has a very active community. They are so confident in their services that they offer exceptional 97 day money back guarantee. This is the longest money back guarantee in the industry. Dreamhost comes under tier one hosting company. They have won numerous awards.


      • Only one shared hosting plan
      • Abundant of security features
      • A whopping 97 money back guarantee
      • 100% up-time guarantee
      • Great customer support


      1. Google Advertising Credits
      2. 24/7 support
      3. 97 days money back guarantee
      4. In-house support
      5. Free Domain with Whois Privacy
      6. Live chat
      7. Free SSL Certificate with Let’s Encrypt
      8. One click WordPress install
      9. Extremely Positive reviews
      10. Unlimited Everything (Bandwidth, disk space, and websites)


      1. Pricing

      Pricing factor can be a con to some people. Dreamhost can cost twice as much as its competitors. Their shared hosting plan starts with 642 Rs. a month (one year plan). If you make a commitment for three-year plan then the price falls down to 512 Rs a month. Although they do offer 97-day money back guarantee so you are not really in any kind of risk.

      2. The dashboard is a bit confusing and clustered.
      3. Only one shared hosting option

      Usually hosting companies provide three shared hosting option and the user can choose the one which meets the closest with the requirement of the website. But Dreamhost offers only one shared hosting option, which can be good to avoid confusion. But one option doesn’t suit all needs. The website which is just starting out might not have the need of lakhs of visitors on their website initially.


      If I have to decribe Dreamhost in one word then the word would be “Amazing”. I am really impressed with their customer support. Of course it is expensive but they are well worth every penny.

      My rating: 4/5

      11. Hosting Raja

      Hosting Raja is a web hosting company based out of India. They were founded in 2008. They offer a wide range of hosting plans-Cloud Server hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, Re-seller hosting, Dedicated server India, E-commerce hosting and VPS hosting. They are used by 100000 clients.


      • 24/7 Customer Support
      • Unlimited domains
      • Unlimited email
      • Unlimited SQL Database
      • Free site builder
      • Multiple channels of support (Live Chat, Email, Phone and Ticket System)


      1. 30-day money back guarantee
      2. Reliable and fast server performance
      3. Accurate website statistics
      4. Guarantee 99% up-time
      5. Great reviews from customers
      6. Great support staff for understanding your hosting needs

      If you are not tech savvy, you can tell them basic needs of your wordpress website to the staff and they help you choose the perfect plan for your website.


      1.No monthly payments
      2. You need to make yearly commitments (You get a 30-day money back guarantee so you are no risk)